Turbomap Database

sa – charging solutions provides compressor map and turbine map data sets in numerical form including SAE norm sheets directly usable in all established 1D engine process simulation codes.

Furthermore, a documentation of the units including the main dimensions of compressor and turbine stage will be provided in PDF form.

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BMTS BV065 BMW 1.5L-85kW (B37 3-cylinder engine)
BMTS BM070B VW 2L-110kW (first Bosch Mahle diesel TC)
BMTS BV060 BMW 1.5L-85kW (B37 TÜ1 3-cylinder engine)
BWTS KP31-1367C Smart 0.8L-40kW (smallest TC on the european market)
BWTS B01V VW 1.6L-88kW (first application B01V)
BWTS B01V BMW B47UL 2L-110kW (new VTG design)
BWTS BV38-1870D Renault 1.6L-96kW (R9M engine)
BWTS KP35-1570C Fiat 1.25L-51kW (same as Opel/GM 1.25L-51kW)
BWTS KP39-1672D Mercedes 2.2L-150kW (high pressure stage R2S)
Garrett GTD1449VZ Mercedes OM654 2L-143kW (current GTD VNT generation)
Garrett GTC3576V Volvo 7.7L-235kW (3. generation VNT for CV engines)
Garrett GTD1446V Jeep/Fiat 2L-103kW (current GTD VNT generation)
Garrett GTD1236V Honda 1.6L-88kW (current GTD VNT generation)
Garrett GT06 Tata Nano 0.8L-20kW (smallest series production turbo)
Garrett GTD1245V PSA 1.6L-85/88kW (eHDI/BlueHDI)
Garrett GTB2060V Mercedes 3L-195kW (ball bearing)
Garrett GTD1752V BMW B47OL 2L-140kW (ball bearing)
Garrett GTB2056V Chrysler/Jeep 3L-185kW (VM motori V6 A630 eng.)
Garrett GTB2056V BMW 3L-190kW (high flow spec GT20 turbine)
IHI RHV34 Mercedes 1.8L-100kW (first IHI VNT in RHV34 range)
MHI TF035HL6 BMW 2L-135kW (cavity at compressor inlet)
BMTS BM065 VW 1.2L-77kW (first Bosch Mahle gasoline turbo)
BWTS B03 twin scroll Mercedes 3L-320kW (M256 engine)
BWTS B01G Honda 1L-95kW (new 3-cylinder VTEC engine, radial turbine)
BWTS K04 twin scroll Ford 2L-176kW (Ecoboost engine)
BWTS B01G VW 1L-81kW (new 3-cylinder TSI engine, mixed flow turbine)
BWTS KP39-1877D Ford 1.6L-128kW (CJ5G SGDI engine)
BWTS K03 twin scroll Hyundai 1.6L-150kW (T-GDI engine)
BWTS KP39-1677KCB Renault 1.4L-96kW (H4JT engine)
BWTS K16-2467G Porsche 911 3.6L-309kW (M96/70 bi-turbo engine)
BWTS EFR "Engineered for Racing" B1 58/62 (TiAl turb. wheel, ball bearing)
BWTS B03-2477D twin scroll AMG A45 2L-265kW (133kW/liter application)
BWTS B03-2480D Audi TT-RS 2.5L-260kW (integr. 5-cyl. manifold)
BWTS K04 twin scroll Peugeot RCZ-R 1.6L-200kW (125kW/liter application)
BWTS K03 twin scroll Mini 1.6L-135kW (Prince engine)
Continental BMW 1.5L-100kW (B38 3-cyl. engine, watercooled Al-T/H)
Continental Ford 1.0L-92kW (3-cylinder, first Conti gasoline turbo)
Continental Audi 2L-140kW (EA888 Gen3b Miller Cycle, mixed flow turbine)
Garrett MGT1446S VW/Audi 1.8L-127kW (US application EA888 engine)
Garrett NGT1038Z Renault 0.9L-66kW (same as Smart 0.9L)
Garrett MGT1549 twin scroll BMW 1.6L-125kW (N13B16MO engine)
Garrett MGT1446 Fiat/Abarth 1.4L-147kW (105kW/liter application)
Garrett NGT1341 Peugeot 1.2L 96kW (3-cylinder e-THP)
Garrett GTX2867R racing gasoline (ball bearing)
IHI RHF5-5877 Audi 2L S3-221kW (EA888 Gen.3, abradable seal)
IHI RHF3 Mercedes 1.6L-115kW (mixed flow turbine, 1050°C)
IHI RHF4 Mercedes 1.8L-150kW (M271evo, mixed flow turb., 1050°C)
IHI RHF5 twin scroll Audi 4L-386kW (V8H bi-turbo engine)
IHI RHF55 Ferrari 3.9L-493kW (F154 bi-turbo eng., TiAl turbine wheel, ball bearing)
MHI TD025 GM 1.5L-125kW (SGE engine, Camaro, Malibu)
MHI TD04L6 twin scroll GM 2L-200kW (Gen III LTG engine)
MHI TD04 Mazda Skyactive 2.5L-170kW (2 flow paths before turbine, 1 with a flap)
MHI TD02H Renault 1.2L-85kW (high low end compressor efficiency)
MHI TD04 twin scroll BMW 2L-180kW (N20B20 engine)
MHI TD04 W/G BMW 3L-317kW (M4 bi-turbo engine)
MHI TD02L Opel 1L-85kW (new 3-cylinder engine)